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Dog Training

Professionally Certified  |  10+ Years of Dog Care Experience  |  Locally Owned

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Professional Dog and Puppy Training

Whether you've got a puppy who needs to learn good behavior or an older dog who could use a refresher course, turn to Daragan's Dog Care for professional dog training services! We'll teach your pup good habits while having some fun along the way.


We offer private training courses, which are one hour sessions with our trainer. These sessions are one-on-one and designed to address specific behaviors.

New Customer Info

We'll provide a free basic assessment of your dog during our meet and greet consultation, but we may find a more in-depth behavioral assessment is needed for dogs with more challenging training needs. Medical information is required on the first day, and we'll provide weekly updates of progress. 

Training Prices 

1 hour private lesson: $130

Behavioral Assessment: $90

Vaccination Requirements

All dogs are required to have the following vaccinations. Documentation can be uploaded and approved on your PawPartner profile and you will not be able to confirm reservations without them. We also recommend that you wait about 2 weeks after vaccination to schedule your first reservation so that the vaccines can take full effect. 

​Required Vaccines:

  • Bordetella 

  • Distemper (Da2PP (DHPP, DHLPP))

  • Rabies

How to Book

We handle all of our reservations and payments through the PawPartner app, which can be downloaded on any mobile device. You can set up a profile at any time, but reservations won’t be accepted until after the Meet & Greet and Vaccination records are approved. We have a guide available if you need help with the process. 

Benefits of Training 

Training your dog teaches them manners and helps to manage their behavior. While especially helpful for high energy dogs, even mild mannered and timid pups can benefit. By working with our certified trainer, you’ll learn how to understand your dog and how you can communicate with them to build a stronger bond. 


Basic commands are essential, but training is more than just getting your dog to listen to “sit” and “stay.” You’ll also learn how to redirect your dog and reward positive behavior to help keep them focused on you in any situation. Dogs are born to please and training is the perfect outlet for that. Training can also be a confidence booster for timid and shy dogs. 


Training can also improve a dog’s experience when boarding or attending daycare. A dog that understands basic commands will follow them for dog handlers and caretakers even when their owner is not around, making the experience much more enjoyable for the pup and group as whole. Our training services can be done while your dog is in daycare or boarding.

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