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Dog Walking Services

High-Quality Services  |  10 Years of Dog Care Experience  |  Locally Owned

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Convenient Dog Hikes and Walks

Trust Daragan's Dog Care to take your dog for a walk or hike during the day while you're at work! With 10 years of experience in pet care, you can rest assured your dog is in good hands with us.

We offer walks and hikes of different lengths to match your dog's energy and your budget. A happy dog is a well exercised dog, which helps prevent obesity and reduces unwanted behaviors caused by excess energy, such as chewing and biting. Not to mention a midday walk while you’re away gives your pup a chance to relieve themselves and experience the sights and smells of the neighborhood, letting you come home to a clean house and a happy dog! If you would like to get started with our dog walking services, take a look at our pricing options and get in touch!


  • $32.00 - 60 minutes

  • $25.00 - 30 minutes

  • $20.00 - Drop in

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