Dog Daycare Services

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Two dogs

Fun, Safe, and Educational Playtime 

When you're going to be away for the day, bring your pup to doggie daycare at Daragan's Dog Care! Your dog will be in good hands and training is embedded in our services.

Daycare benefits your dog by providing a safe and friendly environment that allows dogs of all ages to have fun, learn social behaviors, and give owners peace of mind while they are out for the day. Dogs and puppies get to socialize and exercise under the supervision of experienced handlers to ensure that they are happy, healthy, and safe. Additionally, the extra exercise can help them maintain a healthy weight and burn off extra energy that can contribute to problem behaviors at home. 
Quiet times are also included in our daily schedule, which give our dogs a chance to rest and relax after a morning filled with playtime and socialization. This also helps them learn how to self-regulate and decompress after high-energy activity. A happy and well-behaved dog is one that can successfully transition between playtime and downtime. 

Training is included in our care services. Our trainer will work with your dog during their stay to teach them basic commands and obedience, such as sit and stay, so that they can learn to listen and focus when around potential distractions.

New Customer Info

All new dogs must be assessed before their first day of daycare or boarding. The assessment is free, which includes a Meet & Greet and Consultation with our trainer to better understand your dog’s temperament and behaviors. This will help us understand your dog, what training will benefit them, and how we can best care for them during their stay. 

Vaccination Requirements

  • Bordetella 

  • Distemper (Da2PP (DHPP, DHLPP))

  • Rabies


  • Full Day (includes a walk): $45

  • Half Day: $25

  • Package of 10: $370 / $37 per day

  • Package of 20: $700 / $35 per day

  • Pickup & Drop Off: Starts at $7, additional fees beyond 3 miles

  • Additional Dog Fee: $12.50 per dog